Invaders Must Die!

This game was originally released in February 2011 on iPhone 3GS/4, iPad and iPod Touch. The goal was to learn Objective-C and app development for iOS devices. While it is no longer available in AppStore, it had nice feature that the same application package could be installed on iPad, iPod and iPhone and it automatically detected device type at runtime. Depending on which device it was running, game was loading textures that were best matching native resolution and scaling UI to physical display size. Another nice feature, were 3D ship models that were rendered offline from top, and then displayed in the game as sprites to reduce vertex shader execution. As the game had a lot of alpha blended missles and explosions next performance bottleneck was fillrate.

In September 2012 I’ve got interested with new Blackberry 10 OS that is based on QNX RTOS. I’ve got my Dev Alpha device and ported this game for BlackBerry Z10. As whole game is made by me, please be forgiving about „programmer graphic” ;).

screenshoot1 screenshoot4

Screenshots from original iPhone version (320 x 480 pixels)



This game is first in the series of exact game remakes I’ve done. This time I had chance to work with talented 2D artist (1) that put a lot of effort in recreating exact look of original device and LCD display. We tried to be as accurate as possible, and as such Matt mimicked displays „leaking crystals” look, where you can barely see disabled parts of display. He also added small shadows, that enabled crystals cast in original display. That introduced feeling of depth and display layered construction. On the code side, I’ve mimicked original game microprocesor frequency that was dictating game speed. We found it’s osciloscope chart captured by some other fan of original Elektronika games. Matt created also special box to record clean sounds of original device without introducing any noise.


We’ve recreated original LCD look with „leaking crystals” in background.


 Why so serious? Special skin made for game by Matt.

Recently we discovered that there are fake shops that copy games description and mimick BlackBerry World (2). Funny part is that they report huge download rankings for games to lure people to buy on their site. When we first discovered that our game was sold in range of 10 to 50 million copies we felt that we are millionairs. Unfortunately reality check confirmed that it’s just a fake 😉


Base Defender

Second Elektronika game remake. This time we recreated game MG-13 „Explorers of Space” which is about protecting spaceship from missles shoot by attacking fighters. Funny thing about this game was fact that it uses exactly the same game mechanics like the one about wolf catching eggs, so I just needed to change sprite positions and sizes. Matt though needed to redraw whole display again which was very time consuming. I still don’t know why we called it „Base Defender” 🙂

 IMG_20150315_191245_okGame with another modified skin from Matt.