VR Workstation

As I’m working in VR field, I’ve decided to build PC workstation for VR prototyping (and lets not cheat ourselves – VR gaming as well ;). I’m describing this configuration below, as it may be useful for other VR developers and enthusiasts. I’ve built it with two assumptions in mind: mobility no compromises (at least in limits of sanity 😉 ) HW Specification Sentry PC case Corsair SF600 SFX Power Supply Gigabyte Z370N WiFi.. Read More

About Speed of Light in the Vaccum

My father’s passion is physics, and as he has a lot of time, he devoted it to study theory of relativity. Result of this studies is the experiment described below. If it’s correct, it proves that speed of light isn’t constant. Of course that is a big if, so treat it more like a riddle related to theory of relativity. Both myself and my father, we are interested in finding proof that the below.. Read More